Facelift recovery?

I am 4 weels after long scar facelift ,neck lift upper lower bleph and fat transfer under eyes.Is it normal to have my temples and upper cheeks so firm.And should I be doing something?

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How much time will I need to recover after my facelift?

Facelifts are an incredible procedure as it can turn back the hands of time.  One of the most common questions I get is how long the recovery is for a facelift. 

The easiest way to answer this question is to go through the process, as there are different levels of recovery and what a person can do after the surgery.  First, I typically do my facelifts under general anesthesia so patients will need to go home with someone that can care for them the first night.  All of the patients come back to the office the day after their surgery so that I can remove the face wrap that they left the surgery center with after their facelift. 

After the first day patient will have a simple band placed that will help support the neck and minimize the swelling.  This band can be removed for showering.  All patients can shower the day after their surgery after I have seen them in the office. 

The first week after surgery patients will need to relax and avoid any strenuous activity.  I want patients to walk several times per day, but they need to avoid heaving lifting and strenuous activity, as these activities will increase their risk of issue after their surgery.  The first week patients tend to be swollen and bruised through out the face and neck area. 

After the first week patients can use cover-up makeup if they still have some residual bruising.  They will also still have some sutures hidden the hair and behind the ear.  The sutures on the face itself are typically removed prior to the one-week mark. 

Typically by two weeks all of the bruising has resolved and the majority of the swelling has subsided.  Patients are still healing but are doing very well at this point. 

Patients need to be about six weeks out from surgery before they return to their normal work out routines or any strenuous activity.  However they still need to be careful with sun exposure.

I hope this give you a little outline about the typical recovery course for face and neck lift with fat transfer.  Please consult your board certified plastic surgeon to help guide you through the process.  

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Recovery after #facelift

The recovery will depend in part:
  • on what type of #facelift, #necklift, you are having.
  • additional procedures
  • type of anaesthesia
  • age
  • tendency toward bruising
It is normal to have firmness for up to 1 year as this is reflective of swelling. This should improve with time. 

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Facelift recovery

Thank you for your question.  Overall, it is still early in the recovery process and firmness to the tissues is normal as well.  This will improve as the swelling resolves and soften over time.  I would discuss any ongoing concerns that you have with your surgeon.  I hope this was helpful. 
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Firmness 4 weeks after face lift

Thank you for asking about your face lift.

  • Yes - all surgery creates swelling.
  • It takes at least 6 months to fully subside.
  • Swelling creates firmness.
  • We tend to notice facial swelling more than body swelling.
  • Fat transfers lead to even more swelling.
  • So chances are the firmness is entirely normal - but after surgery, it is wise to always have your surgeon check you if you have questions or concerns.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Hope you found this answer helpful. Best wishes

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Facelift Recovery

Thank you for submitting your question.  It can take several months for the results of a facelift to soften.   I would speak with your surgeon first, however simple massage and time will help to resolve your issues. I think you have gone through the most difficult part already. 

Michael Bublik, MD
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Tight face

It can take a number of months for the results of facelifting to soften and sometimes 12-18 months for sensation to return. There are a number of non surgical devices that can help although often massage and time will help to resolve your issues. I would keep in touch with your PS so that you can be reassured in person.

Gary L. Ross, MBChB, FRCS
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Recovery i month post-op firming

For most cases 4 weeks after a face lift you still healing and having scar tissue that feels firm. Ultrasound energy will help to soften the tissues and decrease your inflammation

Alejandro J. Quiroz, MD, FACS
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Facelift recovery

You are at the peak of healing when the scar tissue is starting to get firm before it starts to relax and feel like your normal skin again. This is normal and all part of the natural healing. I would suggest you call your plastic surgeon to see if he or she would recommend anything. I usually have my patients use warm washcloths and apply to the areas of tightness. Make sure the washcloth is not too hot, by touching it on another part of your body.

Sam T. Hamra, MD
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Facelift Recovery

It is normal to feel firmness at this stage in facelift recovery.  Follow your surgeon's post operative instructions.  Ask him about massage to help with the healing.

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Firm Face

You are indeed early in your course.The firmness should dissipate soon. The best treatment you have now is elevation! Ask your doctor for specifics, but this generally will resolve most things such as this

Kevin F. Ciresi, MD, FACS
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