Is It Possible to Surgucally Remove a Ventral Hernia? I Have Had Hernia Repairs Twice.

I am 61 years old. This will be my 3rd hernia repair. I also had gastric bypass a few years ago. I cannot keep going through these surgeries.

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Hernia can be common after gastric bypass

A hernia is a defect which must be repaired, and not removed as you suggest. A ventral or incisional hernia, or a recurrent hernia are not uncommon for those who have had a gastric bypass. Recurrent hernias require a specialist in this specific area and your general surgeon might be the place to begin.

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Component Separation Surgery for Recurrent Ventral Hernia

Ventral hernias have a high chance of returning. Based on the most current studies, a repair using the "Component Separation" technique seems to have the lowest recurrence rates. Ask a Board Certified plastic surgeon about this type of operation and if mesh may be needed also.

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Recurrent ventral hernia after gastric bypass

I'm sorry to hear about your hernia recurrence.  Risk for hernia recurrence can increase in smokers or those that still have high BMI or poor nutrition/healing potential.  These issues need to be addressed before considering another surgery.   Given your history of hernia recurrence, you may be a candidate for a component separation reconstruction of your abdominal wall.  Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your options.  Best of luck.

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Is It Possible to Surgucally Remove a Ventral Hernia?

I can understand your frustration!.

Hernias are not removed, they are repaired/reconstructed. SImilarly, at least sematically, a hole in a tire is not removed, it is repaired.

Hernias do recur, especially large ones, and those that occur in patients with less than ideal tissues.

Consult with your surgeon. If you feel that he or she is not that experienced in recurrent hernia repair, find one who is. Your regular doc should be able to help with that. 

Thanks for your question and best wishes. 

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