Non-surgical Ways to Reduce Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

Being a statistic of childhood obesity all I've known is being over weight. Well being now 19 years old I've gone from 264lbs with my body fat% being over 40%, to now being at 188lbs with a 12% body fat% in about a 2 year span. Its great I've lost the weight, gained muscle, and are overall more healthy, but now I have all the loose skin to deal with. I want to know if there are any non-surgical methods for treating loose skin. It would be helpful to know all ins and outs of skin and weight.

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There are none

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Sorry, but unless the skin shrinks on its own, it is there forever. Surgery is the only way to remove the excess skin/

There is no magical non-surgical option for loose skin after weight loss

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Hi there-

It never seems fair to me... Nice people like yourself work hard for long periods of time to lose very large amounts of weight and improve their health and their reward is a lot of loose skin that continues to impair their ability to feel good about themselves...

The bad news is that its not going to go away on its own, and that there is no safe and effective way to make it magically shrink away. Be careful, because this does not mean that you won't find many people promising you the sun, the moon, and the stars if you wave some money in the air- but after you've given them your money you will find that their promises were empty and you may even have compromised your safety to boot.

The best, most responsible advice I could give you is for you to complete your weight loss, and once your weight has been stable for at least 2-3 months, visit a talented and experienced plastic surgeon for an evaluation. Well-done body contouring surgery can help you add the appearance you desire to your newfound healthier self.

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