Non-surgical Way to Treat Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes? (photo)

I am a 29 year old female and I've struggled with dark circles/bags under my eyes for quite some time, as both of these problems are hereditary. I do find that the bags are less noticible when I've gotten a good nights' rest, but the dark circles are a contstant. It definitely affects my confidence. The reason I want to find out about non-surgical solutions, is because I am on a tight budget and my medical aid does not pay for cosmetic procedures. Any advice would be appreciated

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Non-surgical Way to Treat Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes?

     Fillers to the tear trough area can improve the look of the dark circles to some extent in your case.  Restylane is a good choice.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Non-surgical treatment of dark circles under eyes

Based on your photos, you appear to be hollow under your eyes with some possible skin discoloration. The treatment in your case is non-surgical. Injectable fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm can be placed into the tear trough or hollow area under the eyes and this can eliminate the dark shadowing under the eyes. If there is still discoloration within the skin itself, certain a milder laser or chemical peel in combination with medical skin products may help. It's best to see your surgeon for a consultation in order to tailor the proper treatment plan for you. 

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Non-surgical treatment of dark circles

You are a young lady, and I know how frustrating it must be to deal with these circles.  I am also glad to see you pursuing options other than surgery to address them.  You really don't have a lot of fat under your eyes, nor do you have excess or loose tissues there, and for those reasons you should not have surgery.  Fortunately, there are a number of good non-surgical options that will improve the appearance of your eyelids nicely.  There are some aspects of dark circles that we can do something about medically, and some that we can't.  First, you should undergo injection with fillers along the orbital rim, or eye socket bone, and you should have this both medially, over toward the nose, and laterally, toward the outside of the eye socket as well.  This will camouflage the contour of the orbit bone and give a smoother contour with less shadowing.  The shadowing contributes to the appearance of dark circles.  There are different fillers which can be used for this, and someone well qualified in this type of treatment can recommend the ones that will work best for you.  I typically use Perlane medially, where the tissues are thinner, and Radiesse laterally, where I want more volume and bulk.  This gives me beautiful results consistently without problems.  Another option you can entertain is fat transfer, where we would use your own fat that we get from a small liposuction procedure, and inject it as a graft to the eyelid and cheek area.  This may be more permanent, but it is a minor surgical procedure.  Lastly, it is often the case that dark circles are also caused by pigment from the underlying muscle showing through the thin eyelid skin, and this is hard to address medically/surgically.  Still the best "treatment" for this is proper rest, hydration of your skin, and a good concealer, perhaps a mineral makeup, to help camouflage the pigment.  I hope this helps, good luck.

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