Is There a Non-surgical Solution for my Eyebags?

i am 29 years old and have since 2 years often insomnia, which gave me eyebags and this horrible "shadow" under the eyebags that look like "tear through"(dont know how to define it,see picture)and they dont disappear during the day anymore. I feel very young for a surgery,since i dont even have any wrinkles,inspite of the bags,plus i am very afraid of an invasive treatment for them. Are there any solutions for my eyebags,even if its not permanent,that also wouldnt change my facefeatures?

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Non-surgical treatment of bags under eyes

The only nonsurgical safe reliable solution I know of is if the bags are related to allergies that you take the appropriate medications for nasal allergies. In such cases the effect of the medication can be dramatic.

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