Surgical seroma removal after tummy tuck. Is it likely to return?

I had tummy tuck on 1/31/14 (3 years post RNY surgery). I developed a large seroma which was drained 3 times, a drain was placed for a week. Nothing worked so I had the seroma surgically removed 5/29. At this point am I in the clear for this coming back? I am petrified that it will return and I will be unfortable again. Any advice?

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Persistent seroma

It sounds like you've had all the appropriate treatments for your seroma. Your seroma treatment should have included removal of this seroma, possibly quilting sutures and finally drain placement at the time of the surgical operation. If these things have been done then that's all one can do. Additionally I would recommend continue compression with a garment for an unspecified time until it resolves.

Seroma Post Abdominoplasty Surgically Removed.

Hi, Congratulations on your weight loss after your bypass surgery.  I am sorry to hear of your problem after your tummy tuck.  Thankfully seromas are not that common and usually resolve with drainage.  A persistent seroma such as the one you describe, is usually caused by a well formed "bursa" which is the lining of the seroma cavity.  It is this bursa that must be removed to prevent the recurrence of the seroma.  It is unlikely that the seroma will recur if your doctor has used "progressive tension sutures" and/or drains postoperatively.  If there are drains, your doctor ma want to leave them in for an extended period of time. Also, your doctor may recommend compression which will also help.  I hope this helps. Good luck,  Dr Bev

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