Can Surgical Scars Be Removed with Laser? (Ex. for Arm and Thigh Lift)

I have lost over 80 lbs on a 5'2" frame. I want a bbl, mommy makeover, arm and thigh lift. I have been so depressed my whole life either obese or left with sagging skin. At this point I am at a crossroad, what is actually worth getting? I worry about scars in my arms and thighs. Can those be removed w/laser? I am sure about the tummy tuck and breast lift/aug, but sometimes i think a bbl isn't worth the risk of fat re-absorption. I am also don't have much money, need to plan wisely. Please help!

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Improving surgical scars after arm lifts or body lifts

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Surgical scars after massive weight loss can be dramatic in some cases of extreme body fat loss.  Treatments should begin early such as pulsed dye laser, Melaquin PM creams, and fractional laser resurfacing to improve those scars.

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Scarring after weight loss surgery

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Yes, there will be incisions and thus scars after weight loss surgery, but I haven't met a single massive weight loss patient who does not reconcile the trade-off os scars for  better contour.  BBL/IPL may help with redness of incisions but usually time will improve the scars.  It should not impact the subcutaneous fat at all. 

Steven Wallach, MD
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Scarring from weight loss surgery

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First, congratulations on the amazing weight loss. I agree that you will need to prioritize procedures because your budget isn't unlimited. FOcus first on the tummy tuck and breast lift and see how you do. In terms of the scarring from a thigh lift, much can be hidden in the groin creases. However, a brachioplasty (arm lift) does present challenges and you really have to trade off the sagging skin for the scars. The scars will be permanent and laser will not be a panacea. I do not think that BBL should be anywhere near the top of your list. There are other issues which need to be addressed first and you need to ascertain your tolerance for surgery and the recovery process.

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