Non Surgical Rhinoplasty and Top Up Treatments?

I had Radiesse into the nose for non surgical Rhino and loved the results. However I have a question about the radiesse dissolving and then subsequent top up treatments. If for example, I went back 10 months later and 70% of the filler had gone down and I had it re-done and loved it once again. But would the remaining 30% still be part of my nose structure? So I could have it done and then a few weeks later it would back to being not perfect due to that 30% being due to be broken down? Thanks.

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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

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We don't have enough data yet to really answer that question effectively.  The whole concept of a non-surgical rhinoplasty is a very new one (less than 3 years old really) and therefore we don't have the 10 year data.  But in the right hands an injectable such as Radiesse can do phenomenal things for you.  A couple of thoughts.  One is that this is a finesse procedure.  Two is that you've had nice results it sounds like and the same surgeon can build on what he's created.  Three is less is more even if you have to go back once a year to repeat the process.  And lastly to address that last question... we don't know.  You could have it filled and it looks perfect for well over a year.  You could have it conservatively filled and too much breaks down too soon and whoops!  Add more 3 months down the road.  Ultimately, it will be up to you and your injector to talk it over.  Finally, consider switching to a softer filler like juvederm or restylane.  Too much Radiesse over time in the me....could get you in trouble and create problems.

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