What surgical procedures do I need for my face to be more symmetrical? (photo)

I would ultimately like a more defined face, I've always felt as if my nose is bulbous, my chin is too small and my jaw would look best a bit more defined. What procedures would I be looking at to achieve a bit more symmetry?

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Facial issues

You are a very attractive woman, and some facial asymmetry is normal.  It is best to be seen in person to properly evaluate your concerns especially in regards to your nose.

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Best Treatment for Asymmetrical Face

Hi Nicole,

The right side of your face is fuller that the left.  Your left side appears to be a bit more lifted than the right.  I would recommend Ulthera to lift and tighten the right side of your face (I would treat both sides), and add Sculptra to the left side of your face.  You look beautiful just the way you are (credits to Bruno Mars).  Your nose does not appear to be in need of rhinoplasty, if anything it would be a most subtle rhinoplasty.  Most importantly, choose your facial aesthetic physician most carefully.  Good luck and be well.  Happy New Year!

Dr. P

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Facial asymmetry, rhinoplasty and chin implant

A certain amount of facial asymmetry is normal in everyone.  Without a full set of pictures it is impossible to tell if you are a candidate for a rhinoplasty and chin implant.  The rhinoplasty procedure can address the bulbous tip with a combination of suture techniques to the lower lateral cartilages and  a conservative cartilage removal when needed. A chin implant is performed when patient's  have a recessive chin, which gives more projection and width. For many examples, please see the link  below.

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What surgical procedures do I need for my face to be more symmetrical? (photo)

First of all, you have very attractive facial features, and very minor facial asymmetries.  Everyone is asymmetric one side to another, that is what makes faces unique.  When people look at our face, they do not register these minor subtleties, they perceive your face as a whole.  It would be helpful to have a side profile picture to fully determine the need for any nose or chin work.  If you are looking for a less bulbous tip, then a rhinoplasty would help achieve that goal.  For a more defined jawline, options include non-invasive radiofrequency or intense pulsed light therapy to help tighten the collagen along the neck, or if you are concerned specifically about your chin, then fillers or a genioplasty or a chin implant are options.  Again, without more pictures, this is difficult to assess.I would recommend that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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