Is Their a Non Surgical Procedure to Get Rid of Abdomen Pouch?

Please help! I'm looking for a non surgical procedure that will help me get rid of my pouch on my abdomen. After having 2 children, I developed this pouch that just won't go away and I'm not comfortable with getting a tummy tuck. Is their another way that can help get rid of this and lift as well?

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Tummy Pooch - The Realities

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There are different procedures that will reduce some of the fat and/or tighten the skin. But the effects are limited and don't approximate a surgical tummy tuck. CoolSculpting "freezes" fat but can only accomplish so much. Along with Thermage for skin tightening there are newer heat-based treatments aimed at disrupting fat cells so your body gets rid of them, but unless the skin has retained sufficient integrity, none of them will tighten at a high level. 

Not seeing any photos, there is no way for us to give you a particularly useful opinion. Because you ask about "lifting" it's likely you're more of a surgical candidate.

I would encourage you to visit a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for an evaluation to help determine if any of the nonsurgical options would be worth the investment.

Tummy Bulge

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The best way to reduce a tummy bulge is through Coolsculpting by Zeltiq.  This non-invasive fat freezing treatment can reduce the bulge painlessly in one hour.  Please consult an expert in this field.  You might benefit from a combination of Thermage to tighten the skin and Zeltiq to reduce the bulge for the best results. Best, Dr. Green


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I highly recommend getting evaluated to see if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting.  This a great non surgical permanent solution for fat reduction.

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Nonsurgical treatment of tummy pouch

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Unless it is tiny, the non-surgical methods will be ineffective.  Please post photos for consideration.  If you have a midline bulge, the only effective procedure will be a tummy tuck but don't be intimidated.  The operation has a tremendously high satisfaction rate and recovery is much easier than you might anticipate.

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