Can a Non-surgical Nosejob Work for a Tip Refinement?

I had an actual surgical nosejob 10 months ago where the doctor shaved off my bone. It was a tough one. I was very bruised (my eyes and face even) afterwards for over 3 weeks and I don't want to go through it again. Anyway... My nose is now straight and narrow, but the tip is not refined enough. It's a bit too short and I need it to be longer or elongated (where my nostrils don't show much). Can non-surgical nose job add fillers to the tip to make it longer or surgery is really needed?

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Non surgical rhinoplasty

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Dear Jenson,

Since you have already had a rhinoplasty, there are some injections that can be used to refine the tip. It would be best to see it in person and then you can get the most accurate advice and treatment plan.  We have ways of making a more refined tip, but there are limits to what we can do non-surgically.  Some pictures would also help guide you in the right direction.


Nima Shemirani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Enhancing The Tip of The Nose with Fillers

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It is possible to enhance the tip of the nose with injectable fillers (non-surgical rhinpoplasty), but a lot depends on exactly what your nose looks like and what you are trying to achieve. I recommend you consult with a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon experienced in correcting nasal imperfections with filler.  It is important that the doctor doing the injections really respect the anatomy of the nose as well as the aesthetics of the nose and of what you are trying to achieve. Click on the link below to view before and after photos of non-surgical rhinoplasties using liquid injectable silicone.

Channing R. Barnett, MD
Boca Raton Dermatologist
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