Non Surgical Nose Surgery or Surgery? (photo)

I don't mind my big nose but I do mind the shape of it. I am mixed Asian and black and would like my tip defined and nostrils to be more oval shaped. Is this possible with injections or will I need surgical?

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Surgical rhinoplasty

 We do not recommend any fillers to be placed in the nose due to  complications that can occur in this area.  To reduce the size of the nostrils and tip, a tip-plasty  with cartilage suturing techniques and an alar plasty of the nostrils will help reduce the size.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty does NOT refine tip and nostrils

Injectable fillers in the nose work well for the bridge, but not for the tip.  Some surgeons believe that fillers in the tip can make it look more refined, but all they do is ADD fullness and make the tip more round-appearing.  Fillers also cannot change nostril position to make the nostrils look less round.  Your best option would be to consult with a rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss tip-plasty and alar base refinement.  Good luck!

Minas Constantinides, MD
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Limits of nonsurgical rhinoplasty

With nonsurgical rhinoplasty you can achieve more tip definition and projection (make your tip taller and more narrow), but it will not be able to change the shape of your nostrils or make them more oval.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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