Maximum Amount Injected for Non-surgical Nose Job

I’m an Asian. I barely have any nose bridge. I had 1cc Restylane a year ago, but the result was less than satisfactory right after the procedure and it last for only a month. I only consider injectable filler(maybe Radiesse which lasts longer) for now, and rhynoplastic a year later. Since I’m expecting the more obvious result, what’s the maximum volume I could have? or can I have the procedure for multiple times to maximize the result? Thank you so much.

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Fillers Are Done Incrementally. But, Why Filler and then Rhinoplasty?

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Hi, Natalie,

Asian patients are generally excellent candidates to have fillers used to raise the bridge and thereby not require surgical rhinoplasty. There are some fillers that can be expected to last a long time. Do some homework on that.

However, hard to say what the " maximum amount" is. More importantly, the total amount required will depend on the point at which you are satisfied.  The great thing about fillers is that you see the improvement and call " done" when you are happy as you look into the mirror.  Our experience is that not much is needed; less than 0.1 cc per session, with several sessions required.

However, I am intrigued with your comment that you will have a rhinoplasty, after fillers, " a year later". If the rhinoplasty can do surgically what you want, why bother with the fillers? Save your money for the surgery.

Note that, sometimes, the best results come from surgery first and then fillers as " the frosting on the cake".  Consider that. Because, often either very little filler is needed; less than if you relied on filler alone.

Check out photos on our website and of the other doctors to learn more, of course. Study the issue well and you are likely to be satisfied.

Best wishes.

- Robert Kotler,MD, FACS


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Non surgical filler for low nasal bridge

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Dear Natalie,

Without seeing you in person, it is impossible to accurately evaluate the amount of filler that can be injected to provide three dimensional volume to the bridge of your nose.  That said, Radiesse is a better filler when trying to provide augmentation that resembles bone or cartilage. 

While full correction should be possible with just one sitting, there are occasions where multiple sessions may be necessary.  Lastly, if you are indeed considering a surgery for permanent correction, you should minimize the amount of injections you have prior to surgery.  Each injection causes some minor trauma and a resultant soft tissue repair that ultimately makes the surgery more technically difficult for the surgeon and the result less predictable for you.  

Best of luck,

Dr. Michelle Yagoda, Upper East Side, NYC

Michelle R. Yagoda, MD
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