Will a Non Surgical Nose Job Work with my Nose? (photo)

Hello, I am a 29 year old make and would like to know if a non surgical nose job using fillers would help straighten my nose and reduce the look of the nasal hump. All comments are much appreciated. Thank you!

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Dorsal hump removal rhinoplasty

  The best way to fix a shallow glabella is by harvesting cartilage  from inside the nose and grafting it to the radix. A hump removal also be required along with osteotomies and possible tip surgery to make sure the nose balances with itself.  Rhinoplasty is permanent and fillers are only temporary.  You can also try our virtual rhinoplasty software on the link below to give yourself an idea what your nose might look like by building up the radix  AND shaving down the hump.

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Radix augmentation to create a straighter profile with nonsurgical rhinoplasty

Your profile can be made straighter-"er", but not completely straight, with nonsurgical rhinoplasty.  The area of your bridge above your dorsal hump is caleld the radix, and building this area up to more closely match your hump will create a straighter.  Only surgical rhinoplasty will be able to achieve a completely straight profile.  

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