Is Non-surgical nose job safe at the age of 19?

hi im 18 and my nose is flat and small i want to do non surgical nose job to make it bigger and Paranasal Implants without surgery and also want to do non surgical chin implant.if i will do all this thing at the age of 19 will i have to suffer in the long run.i dont want to plastic surgery.will non surgical surgery can make my face ugly in future(im cute and dont want to look ugly in future only for useing fillers) plz help me im very confuse.........(sorry for poor english)

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Fillers are fine to late teen's nose

Fillers help with bridge enhancement but are not as elegant as a true nasal implant surgery. Fillers cannot raise the tip but can enhance the dorsal area. They are put in a 7mm zone but can spread out. The over all use of fillers in noses is a solid good procedure. My Best, Dr C

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Is Non-surgical nose job safe at the age of 19?

Fillers may be reasonable, but they are limited in application. An exam would be necessary to make useful commentary.

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