Would a Non Surgical Nose Job Fix my Nose? (photo)

I broke my nose like 2 years ago and it has looked the same ever since, I have this bump on the left side and it looks ugly.

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Non surgical nose job

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Non surgical rhinoplasty is great for asymmetries and to camouflage a hump. It is difficult to tell by looking at your photo but a non surgical nose job could be a good option. The asymmetry to the left in the hump maybe difficult to completely camouflage with filler alone but if you're looking for an improvement and not perfection, you could still consider it.


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MicroRhinoplasty Procedure
MRP is performed with the use of a specialized air-powered microsaw which allows for fine and precise bone reduction. The bony hump is reduced layer by layer until the desired level is reached. In select patient, it represents the best alternative to manual bone removal. This is a simple, quick procedure which can take as little as five minutes in the office setting with local anesthesia. Patients feel little to no pain; in fact, they often comment that it’s easier and less painful than a visit to the dentist! The use of the microsaw also prevents the multiple complications that have become associated with manual osteotomies while also significantly decreasing the amount of swelling and bruising and the overall healing process.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty for Bump On Bridge

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A bump on the top of the nose or a weak dorsum are two good indications for a non-surgical rhinoplasty. The injection of fillers can smooth or build the bridge of the nose up to make it smoother and put it in better proportion. Consult with a Plastic Surgeon experienced with this procedure.

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