Non-surgical Nose Fillers an Option for Me? (photo)

Are injectable nose fillers an option for me? My nose cartilage is very soft, will this make my nose less mushy. I would like my nostrils to come out more in length (not sideways) like this. I also think the concave on the sides of my nose aren't the same. This is my ideal: for my nose to appear a bit higher, less bulbous, and longer (obviously not width, but come out away from my face). am i out of luck here?

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Nose surgical nose jobs offer many advantages

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Non surgical rhinoplasty procedures offer the advantages of less cost, no operating room time, quicker recovery post procedure and no general anesthetic.  Many people are good candidates provided they understand what can and cannot be achieved.  To analyze your nose and discuss this, it is best to consult an experienced surgeon.

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Nonsurgical Nose Jobs Can Help To Straighten Bumpy Noses, Contour Certain Top & Side Irregularities, & Even Enhance Symmetry

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Of course, there is no substitute for an upfront and personal examination and palpation of the nose to determine the best course of action. But, there is no question that  nonsurgical nose jobs can not only be used to treat nasal bridge humps, bumps and eliminate clefts at in the tip of the nose, but can also help to elevate a droopy tip, smooth out irregularities along the spine of the nose and even correct certain asymmetries on the sides. 

I have been performing these procedures for around a decade and have had gratifying results with all of the above uses in well selected cases When necessary, before actually proceeding with treatment, in order to confirm whether a nonsurgical rhinoplasty is the right approach, I typically inject a small amount of salt solution as a test into the appropriate areas of the nose to confirm that the desired level of improvement can be achieved. 


Nelson Lee Novick, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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