Non Surgical Jaw Reduction & Chin Augmentation?

My face has always been very round, and I've never felt comfortable with the wideness at my jawline. My chIn is flat and I would like some projection forward and maybe vertically. It makes me feel ugly/childlike/manly. Ideal beauty to me would be a heart-ish shaped face. Surgery is too expensive and permanent for me right now and I think I'd get the results I want from botox (massetter muscle) and juvederm or radiesse (chin). I just want to feel more feminine. Thoughts? Comments? Advice?

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Fat in the right places

You are right on. I think some volume in the right places will make the difference you are looking for. Something to research is fat grafting. It is soft, subtle yet significant.

We are able to obtain that heart shape look and even lengthen or widen the chin if needed. A great place to harvest the fat is the submental area. This in combination with chin augmentation can really give a sharp neck line which is sexy.

Hope this helps.

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Wide jaws and small chins. The no-surgery options

The key to your issue is whether or not it's your masseter muscle that is creating the width at your jawline. We can relax the masseter with Botox and refine the shape; but if the width is more bone than muscle, or simply facial fat, then Botox will not accomplish a change in facial contour. You will need to have an assessment with a cosmetic dermatologist or a plastic surgeon to determine what can be done.

Chin augmentation with fillers is fairly simple and you can walk out the door with some fairly substantial results in one sitting, but again, you should have a professional gauge what you would need. Fillers only go so far and if your chin is very small, you could require an implant to achieve the changes you would like.

Sometimes what we perceive as the problem is not the real problem at all. There are all kinds of little tweaks with muscle relaxers and fillers that can alter the way we perceive our face.

A line can seem like the "problem" when it's not the line,but the volume loss underneath that is the real issue. 

Or a nose may appear too large when the real issue is that the lips are a little too small. There is definitely some art involved in using injectables. Look for someone who can demonstrate that required artistic skill.


Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
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Non Surgical Jaw Reduction

Without a picture or seeing you in person, it is difficult to give you specific advice.  However, Botox Cosmetic injected into the masseter muscle of the jaw can help shape the lower face.  This is especially common in Asian patients.  If you also need chin augmentation, Radiesee or another filler can be helpful to give you more definition.


Good Luck.

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Non surgical jaw reduction

A photo would be helpful to answer your question.  Botox could reduce your massager muscle fullness and radiesse could add chin projection, but the radiesse would be only temporary and you would get more bang for your buck with a chin implant.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon
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