Non-surgical Non-invasive Rhinoplasty by Injecting Filler to Even Nostrils

nostrils are uneven. i don't care about perfection, only want improvement. i don't want open surgery. can doctors insert "something" into the void area to make the nostrils more even? without sounding ignorant, it seems like a quick and cheap fix. please help. very self-conscious. money is factor.

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Uneven nostrils and non-surgical repair

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There are no easy and cheap methods of fixing your nostril irregularity. You say that you don't care about perfection but who has even noticed this? Did anyone comment about your irregular nostrils..You could end up with a far worse problem and most fillers are only temporary, meaning you would have to repeat the procedure (translation->long term commitment and beaucoup bucks over the long run).

Injections can be used around the nose to even things out

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Injections can be used around the nose to even things out. But, the doctor really needs to examine you to make sure that injections are going to achieve the results you desire.

Body Dysmorphic Syndrome

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You have nostril asymmetry. So do the vast majority of Americans and yet as Plastic surgeons our offices are NOT flooded with patients with your complaints. Let's face it,  it takes optics and mirror time to focus and be so preoccupied with structures we do not readily see. NO surgery and NO treatment can guarantee symmetrical nostrils. But when Plastic surgeons see precision photography with diagrams and arrows we begin wondering if ANY surgeon can help a patient with probable Body Dysmorphic Syndrome who is very unlikely to be satisfied with anything we can do. Not saying you have this disorder but that you MAY be such a patient.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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