Surgical Extraction of Wisdom Tooth Hole Remains. How Do I Correct This?

Had a surgical lower extraction 8 weeks ago, I was in recovery for 4 4rs, bleeding badly and local anesthetic had migrated to my throat causing breathing/swollowing complication. a rough time on what shouldve been straight forward. I am over that and everything has healed however in such a way there seems to be a hole exposing a nerve area and food is getting trapped in a deformed union of cheek and gum - I have to clean out, the tooth was exposed from the side - Will I need surgery to correct?

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First of All you should make an appointment to see your oral surgeon who performed the procedureto evaluate the are.  What you are describing sounds to be a normal occurrance after wisdom tooh removal in the lower jaw.  It may take a few months to fully heal.  During this time the normal healing occurs from the bottom up.  The "hole" you write about should be getting shallower as time goes on.  If it was a difficult extraction that required a significant amount of bone removal this process may take longer.  You should not need surgery to correct this, it will just take time.  I would still have your surgeon evaluate the area and reassure you.  Hope this helps

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How to Correct Hole from Extraction of Wisdom Tooth

I'm assuming you saw an oral surgeon for thew surgical extraction of wisdom tooth. You should follow-up with a visit back to the surgeon to examine the sight and make sure healing is progressing correctly.

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