Is Surgical Excision the Answer to Lip Line Tattoo Removal?

I've read through many websites and it seems to me laser isn't the best option for lip line tattoo removal since it usually leaves scars and other undesired effect. Just wondering if there's any surgery that can remove the lip line by cutting it? what is the chance of success/failure? will that leave scars or any identifiable marks?

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I have treated multiple cases of tattoo lip liner and eyeliner. I like Q-switched Nd: Yag laser (532/1064) or Q switched ruby to help removing black ink tattoo. There is a risk for hyper/hypo pigmentation. It is necessary that corneal shields (glasses) or a metal shield specific be utilized during the treatment.

Tattoo removal of lip lines

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If you start by trying a laser removal and if this results in scarring you can revert to surgical excision that will cut out the scars anyway. Be sure this is done by someone who is particular about their results as lining up the scar line with the vermillion lip precisely will be the key to optimal results... good luck

Shawn Allen, MD
Boulder Dermatologist

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