Is It Possible to Do Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement with Fillers in NYC?

As you can see from my picture, my chin is very weak, I do not want to undergo surgery and was looking for an alternative with fillers, I wanted to know if this is possible for me and if there is a place in NYC that specializes in this procedure. I also want to know about the down time, how long before I can return to work. All answers are greatly appreciated, also if there are any other procedures that could enhance my appearance, let me know your suggestions. Thanks

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Using skin fillers for chin augmenation

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You can use chin fillers to have a non-surgical chin augmentation.The results aren't permanent but there is very little down time afterward. You would likely have some swelling right afterward but you should be able to continue to work.

I don't know that there is anywhere that specializes in this type of procedure. Finding a surgeon who is experienced in treating the chin and who understands the anatomy would be a good first step.

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