Do I Need Surgery? I Feel my Face is out of Balance. (photo)

If I were going to get surgery, what would anyone suggest.

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You did not mention your age, from your pictures it doesn’t really look like you need anything done. As a professional the only thing I would recommend is acne treatment or a VI peel to help clean your pores. Make sure you talk to your parents so they are able to do some research on your options.


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Is surgery right for me?

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I don't see how surgery would benefit you. Your face and nose look fine. I would discuss options with your parents regarding good skin care in order to optimize your appearance. With the assistance of your parents you can visit with experienced dermatologists who can recommend treatment options to keep your skin in great condition.

Todd C. Miller, MD
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Do I Need Surgery? I Feel my Face is out of Balance.

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 Please share this answer with your parents.  IMHO, you are still forming into the adult aspects of your face and are too young to consider adjustments aesthetically.  It would be a good idea for you to read about and learn what aesthetically doies and does not make a face more attractive which is available in my book.  Please just let yourself grow up a bit more, let the baby fat leave the face beofre seeking surgical solutions.  


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With family input, you might look into some great cosmetic skin treatments using Cosmetic Laser Surgery performed by Diplomates of the American Board of Laser Surgery.  Close follow-ups by state certified Aesthetitians within Cosmetic Surgery offices can help maintain facial health, in many circumstances.


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Hello, thank you for your question. My first question to ask you is your age. I usually would not recommend a rhinoplasty before 17 or 18 years of age unless you have breathing problems. Also, your bone and facial structure is still evolving before that age. Based on your pictures it seems you have a nice straight dorsum or nasal bridge, a good dorsal width and length. Your nasal tip appears a little wide but not significantly so. It could be minimally reduced...a computer generated image could show you the difference that would make and you could decide if it was more aesthetically pleasing to you. Another possible consideration would be chin augmentation. This alone or in combination with rhinoplasty may give you the facial balance you desire. Computer imaging would help you greatly to have a better idea what to you could look like after surgery. 

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