I'm 25 and I want my gap reduced -What Surgery Do I Need? (photo)

I am 25, not concerned about the size of my breasts. I just want them lifted and the gap lessened. I am in Korea; any idea of the costs? Which lift would be best? Would I need to have implants to fix this? Thanks!

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Treatment of widely spaced breasts

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Your posted photos show nipples in good position on the breast mounds but the mounds are widely separated off to the sides. The mounds have to be completely freed up from deeper tissues, moved towards the midline and then stitched in place. That would have to be done via an incision in the crease. A regular breast lift will not suffice because that tightens the skin envelope around the mound and raises the nipple position which would not solve your problem of widely separated mounds. I do not think that trying to correct this by putting in implants closer together than the current breast mounds and then shifting nipple position would look natural. You could end up with symmastia or bad rippling that way. It is a difficult procedure and you need to choose your surgeon very carefully. See a few surgeons before picking one to do the surgery.

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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Wide-spaced, tuberous breasts

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You have widely spaced breasts which also have a narrow base (tuberous).  I don't feel you can get a complete correction (breasts are just too far apart), but you can get significant improvement.  Depending on how large you want to be, this would require either breast augmentation alone or a combination of augmentation and lift (mastopexy).  Either way, you would need an implant with a wide base diameter.

Breast lift

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To improve on the gap between the breasts as well as the lift, I think that adding an implant will be most beneficial.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Best Type of Breast Surgery for Me?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

 I think you will benefit from breast lifting ( circumareolar or vertical mastopexy)  as well as breast augmentation surgery. Although you may not be interested in increasing breast size, the breast implants will serve to help decrease the space between the breasts. There are pros/cons of each type of breast lifting operation;  it would behoove you to learn about these pros/cons and discuss your goals clearly with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.

Tuberous breasts

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I agree with Dr. Schlessinger's comments.  However, I have had good success in your kind of situation with subfascial placement of implants using an axillary approach.  Placing the implants above the muscle should correct the shape of your breasts.  Sometimes the inframammary fold, the fold where your breast meets your chest, can persist.  I feel that if the inframammary fold location is moved lower when the implant is placed, a breast lift will not be necessary.  The advantage to this solution is that it does not require any incisions on your breasts, which would be required with a breast lift.

You do not appear to have herniation of breast tissue under your areolae, which is something that women with tuberous breasts often have, which can be difficult to resolve with an implant alone.  In these cases, an incision next to, or around the areola may be necessary.

Shim Ching, MD
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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Widely Separated Tuberous Breasts - How Do I Fix Them?

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Thank you for your pictures and your challenging questions.  The wide gap between your breasts has something to do with where your pectoralis muscle inserts into your breast bone (sternum).  You have some of the elements of tuberous breasts (tuber means a potato with a narrow base).  To fix this, you need to distribute your breast tissue over a wider area than its present constricted base. 

Your areola are large and they are also low.  Therefore, I would recommend a Benelli mastopexy which would lift your breasts, decrease the areola, and reposition the areola upward.  I would also consider a dual plane procedure at the same time, placing an implant below the muscle, but releasing your breast from the upper surface of the pectoralis muscle.  This will allow it to spread out at the base. 

The wide separation of your breasts can be improved by having the base diameter of your implant larger than the diameter of the base of your breast.  You may be limited on how much cleavage you can get if the implant is placed subpectorally, but on the other hand, if you place it above the muscle, you have a greater chance of getting hard breasts (capsular contracture), a less good mammogram, and less of a natural appearance.  

As you can see, there are so many components to your breast reconstruction.  You need a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon experienced in dealing with tubular breasts.  

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