Which Surgery Should Be Done First?

I am worried that because now my whole waist area is so very wide, it feels bowel is blown up. I wonder if I should have the umbilical hernia repaired with the bladder lift, or repair the bladder to put it aside, but also can the urologist surgeon do damage to areas that a plastic reconstructive surgeon will need to work with, while doing umbilical and a very large diastasis and abdominal wall repair. Why did they state the diastasis is very large and no surgeon here can do it. ?

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Bladder Lift and Abdominal Wall Surgery Concerns?

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Thank you for the question. My best advice, given the complexity of your situation, is that you do your due diligence and find a board certified urologist and plastic surgeon who you feel confident with. Base your selection on experience and demonstrable quality of work.

Then, have these 2 surgeons  communicate with one another as to the best way to approach your situation. This approach will give you the best chance for precise advice,  as opposed to on line consultations (who do not have the benefit of knowing your situation as precisely as necessary).

 Best wishes.

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