I Had Surgery 4 Wks Ago to Removal a Capsule and Have an Augmentation?

When I got tobhis office he said that I didnt have a capsule and that he would give me a lift and place to implants. Well its been 4 wks and my right breast still feels hard so I dont know what to do.i went to another state(home) for my surgery so I can't just drive to him. What can I do? I know I had and still have a capsule, he didnt do his job even though the lift came out beautiful I still jave the problem I had b4 I went there

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Travelling out of state

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or long distances always produces hardships when complications or issues arise and a reason I discourage people from such 'trips'.  That being said, did you discuss any issues with your surgeon related to your scar tissue that you feel surrounds your implant?  Was your right breast firmer and noted pre-operatively?  If you really didn't have a contracture (everyone has a capsule), nothing would be done for it specifically.  If you did have one , its unfortunate your surgeon did not appreciate your concerns about it.  If you placed larger implants, often a capsulotomy is done in order to accommodate the larger dimensions of you new implants.

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I Had Surgery 4 Wks Ago to Removal a Capsule and Have an Augmentation?

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If you have implants, you have capsules. You probably feel that you had and have a capsular contracture (CC). Without photos and preferably an exam, it would be inappropriate to diagnose that over the internet. 

CC can be mild, making one or both breasts feel slightly firmer than normal. They can be more problematic and feel quite hard and alter the breast shape, and they can be rock hard and painful. 

What I cannot tell is why you feel you had and have a CC, and on what basis your surgeon differed from you. 

As to what to do--send photos and call your surgeon to discuss. Best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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