Can I Use Surgery to Widen my Eyes Horizontally? (photo)

I've always thought my eyes were too short for my face and I wanted to know if I could someone make them wider horizontally.

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Bony landmarks influence the soft tissue

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Thanks for the question and picture, which shows both upper lid fold asymmetry as well as brow differences (the eyelid fold and brow arch is higher on the left); this is undoubtedly a consequence of differences in the volume and shape of the orbit (eye socket).  Your lower lids appropriately conform to your globes providing good lid closure, as we would expect in a young individual.  Botox can be used, very carefully, to weaken the periorbital muscles to produce a temporary "rounding" of the eye (increased vertical aperture), however I am unaware of any techniques which would increase the horizontal width.  Patients suffering from a congenital malformation called Crouzon's Syndrome, in which the globes protrude beyond the borders of the orbital socket, are sometimes offered a orbital bone reshaping operation, Monobloc, however it's limited to conditions when the globes are in danger of exposure.  Regrettably, as we age, the orbital floor does resorb and the eyes do appear to enlarge but also appear more hollow.  Enjoy your youth!

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