8 weeks PO, now I see jowls coming back especially on the side I was concerned with. Could it be fluid?

I had surgery 8 weeks ago and it looked great even swollen. But now I see the jowel coming back especially on the side I was most concerned about. And my chin and neck didn't need work. But it looks like it's looser. . And when I touch the skin near the jowel that came back it doesn't snap back. Could the muscle that was lifted under the skin could those stitches come loose and weigh it down? Could it be fluid? I just spent a lot of money and 8 weeks Also I have breakouts near that jowel area

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Your surgeon is the only person who knows exactly what was done in your case.  Contact him to discuss your healing progress.

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I assume you had a facelift. You do not say what surgery you had.

it is prudent to see you surgeon for examination and advise. Any advise on the internet is a guess.

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