Surgery for Uneven ("Wandering") Eyes

Hello, I like wearing plano contact lenses, and have no vision problems, however since my eyes are different shapes, my contacts have an odd effect, as if i'm looking in two different directions. Is there a surgery to make my eyes more symmetrical, so when I wear contacts I won't have that "wondering eye" effect?

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Surgery for Uneven Eyes AKA Strabismus Surgery

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Wandering eyes can almost always be repaired by operating on the muscles of the eyes to straighten them. It is called strabismus surgery and is performed frequently by all pediatric ophthalmologists and many general ophthalmologists.

San Diego Ophthalmologist

Wandering eyes

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 you need strabismus or muscle surgery if your eyes "wander." sometimes, the stability of the straightening is enhanced if you do LASEK first. this makes sense, as every eye has 6 muscles to move it around, and all normal eyes have some tendency to wander, because the eyes are not perfectly balanced in terms of these 6 muscles

so if you have a lazy eye that doesn't see well, the brain will ignore that image, and the eye will wander off to it's natural, uncentered alignment

i presented the largest series of LASEK in the US to treat ambloyopia and also keep these eyes straight after surgery by providing a better image. this is complicated, so you need to go to a very experienced LASEK surgeon, as well as a pediatric ophthalmologist, working together

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

Wandering eyes can be straightened in many situations

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When one eye both eyes turns out this is called exotropia and when one or both eyes turn in this is called esotropia.  This is a muscle imbalance problem and in most situations this can be repaired.  If the cause of turning in or out is poor vision in one eye relative to the other, LASIK may be helpful to keeping the eyes straight as the brain may find the image more useful.  These issues can be much more complex and each one should be evaluated individually. 

Mark Golden, MD
Chicago Ophthalmologist

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