Surgery for Correcting Uneven Eyes?

Hi, I would like to ask which surgery is required to correct my eyes, specifically my left eye? I had undergone eyelid surgery twice previously. The first one was a disaster; the second one did not meet my expectation as my eyes are still uneven (only with less visible scars). I am really considering going to an oculoplastic surgeon. Please give me some opinions and suggestions on my current state. Thank you and deeply appreciated for your time.

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Oculoplastic surgeon is a good choice

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An oculoplastic surgeon is usually well versed in very complicated eyelid surgeries, and is a good choice. It is important to note what is causing the irregularities and asymmetry with your eyelids. Sometimes a very low unilateral eyebrow can cause it as well as ptosis, and they all need to be addressed.

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Asymmetry is not a rare occurence and is difficult to correct at times

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I see that your left eye has multiple creases from the blepharoplasty procedure (or Asian blepharoplasty / Asian eyelift / Asian Eyelid lift / Asian Eye Cosmetic Surgery / Asian eye Plastic Surgery). I think what is going on is that the crease is not properly fixed on that side and needs to match the right side.

Sometimes, these surgeries are difficult because you are so close to the eye when you approach the muscle that elevates the eyelid. There is around 1-2mm of tissue thickness from the surface of that muscle and the eyeball. That is not much room for any deviations.

Understanding the anatomy is vital in terms of identifying that muscle and fixing it to the skin edges to create the fold. I think your situation can be corrected in a relatively uncomplicated manner. I wouldn't remove any skin in your situation and you might need to add skin and some fatty tissue to match the other side but I would start with correcting the crease.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Revision Surgery for Asian Eye

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You can have revision done to improve the symmetry between the eyes. An Oculoplastic surgeon who speicalizes in revision Asian Eyelid Surgery would be a good choice.

You also have to make sure you communicate your desire and goals very clearly. Sometimes, patients assume that the surgeon knows exactly what you want. That is not true. Frequent and detailed communication with your surgeon will help you both.

Keep in mind revision surgery does not necessarily mean that your problem will be fixed. No matter how good the surgeon is, there is always a possibility that you can end up looking worst. Is that a chance you are willing to take?


Tanveer Janjua, MD
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An oculoplastic surgeon experienced in correcting Asian eyelid surgery is your best option

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Dear JmiC

You need revisional anchor blepharoplasty with ptosis surgery. Both upper eyelids are a little low. The crease on the right appears well structured, but the upper eyelid fold is over excised. The eyelashes are not correctly tensioned so they point down and are not perky. The left side, the upper eyelid is lower and the platform skin is loose. The fold is complex and not well formed. Over resection of fat in the left upper eyelid may account for why this upper eyelid fold is unsatisfactory.

The answer for improving these is a detailed personal consultation. Corrective surgery is relatively small but is always an exercise in precision eyelid design. Any consult that actually addresses these concerns will require at least an hour with the surgeon. If the consult does not last this long, it is improbable that your surgeon has gotten to the bottom of the problems and it is unlikely that the surgery will be satisfactory.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Surgery for uneven eyes

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To better answer your question, I would need a picture of you looking up, down, left and right. All these pictures need to be from a frontal view. Most of these problems happen because the surgeon has no understanding of the delicate anatomy around the eyes. So, when choosing your surgeon, make sure he or she is an oculoplastic surgeon and in particular has experience with revisional surgery.

Kami K. Parsa, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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