Is Surgery Recommended for Twitching and Droopy Right Eye?

I have a drooping right eyelid and my right pupil is on vertically higher position compared to my left pupil. I have been using contacts for the last eight years.

Additionally, I had several occasions of uncomfortable eye twitches on my right eye. I'm male, 22 years old.

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Surgery for droopy eye

  1. A drooping right eye is also known as ptosis and is treated by tightening the levator and Mueller’s muscle of the upper lid. This is done usually at a minimum on the affected side, and many times on the unaffected side so that they balance.
  2. Twitching is caused by nerve pulsations in the orbicularis oculi muscle and is not treated with surgery but with Botox.

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Surgery for twitching and droopy right eye

Before any lid surgery is done, you need an orbit scan to rule out an orbital mass causing the drooping and and globe displacement. Twitches are usually treated with Botox injections if they bother you.

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An oculoplastic consultation would be best to answer this question

Hi Simon,

The eyelid twitch and the ptosis may or may not be related. I would recommend that you seek out a specialist to assess what is going on and how best to help you. Surgery might be the answer to address your issues or other treatments might be better. In Australia, there are a number of excellent oculoplastic surgeons in the larger cities.

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