Had surgery twice. First time was an emergency because my navel sarted bleeding. Then he went back in again and used mesh?

I have no pictures.when I laydown at night and pinche the loose skin, feels like a baby's wet pamper with little beads.

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Complications after Surgery

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Your history is unclear to me. I am assuming you had an abdominoplasty. Bleeding or hematomas do require surgery. Mesh is usually used to repair hernias. There is a material called Surgicel that looks like mesh that helps to stop bleeding. It is possible that if you went to surgery emergently for bleeding, perhaps a material like Surgicel to stop bleeding was placed into the wound. If that is the case, the material absorbs over time. I would definitely ask your plastic surgeon.

Complications after tummy tuck

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We need more information to really state much. What date was surgery done? When was the bleeding correction done? What was date and reason for third surgery and mesh? (unusual). Photos would help. Just try to give a running chronology of events. This will help us. Thanks. My Best, Dr C

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