Surgery to the Opposite Breast to Achieve Symmetry After a Lumpectomy Not Covered by Medicaid?

After (3 surgeries total) - 2 WLE and a lumpectomy, I ended up with a naturally gravity pulled DDD on one side and a high-riding B with a "divot" on the other, the plastic surgeon said that the only way that he can make it look anywhere close to normal is to do a reduction and lift on the opposite side. However, I have medicaid and apparently this isn't covered. The surgeon told me that if I had any other private insurance it would be. Obviously, I'm low income so the $8000 isn't an option for me.

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Symmetry following lumpectomy.

I am sorry for your present situation.  I know from personal experience how difficult it can be for a woman to be symmetric after a "breast sparing mastectomy" or "wide local excision".  Without seeing you and your specific anatomy I would suggest the following.  I think the first person you saw for consultation was correct in part.  I do believe that something will need to be done to both breast to make you as symmetric as possible.  The smaller breast will likely need some type of augmentation and the larger breast will likely need a reduction/lift.  I have many patients in your situation and we are usually successful in convincing the insurance companies that this surgery is only being done to restore a person to a "pre-cancer" state.  Don't give up after seeing only one surgeon.  Get another consultation and find a surgeon who will challenge the insurance company to cover this surgical procedure.

Good luck.  Hope this helps.

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