Is It Possible to Only Have Surgery on the Alar and on the Tip of Your Nose?

My ala is not even. One is normal while the other is kind of not prominent because of an accident when i was a child. I want to get surgery to make it even while at the same time get surgery on the tip of my nose to make my bridge look more even and to enhance the features of my nose. Basically the bump on the middle of my nose a tiny bit more raised than my tip. Is it possible to get a procedure done like that without getting the whole bridge done?

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Surgery to address alar, nasal bridge and tip

In a very select few patients we are able to perform just alarplasty and tip-plasty, but the remainder of the nose must be within balance.  A tip-plasty will not address any dorsal irregularities or hump removal.  Once a dorsal hump is removed, osteotomies are needed and this is now a traditional rhinoplasty procedure.

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Is It Possible to Only Have Surgery on the Alar and on the Tip of Your Nose?

Absolutely. The tip and ala shape are largely due to the lower lateral cartilages. There are a set of upper cartilages as well, but those have more to do with the classic bump on the nose that patients often have shaved down. Depending on your goals you can have only the tip manipulated. Consult with a board certified cosmetic nasal surgeon to make sure you are getting a well trained experienced surgeon.

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Is It Possible to Only Have Surgery on the Alar and on the Tip of Your Nose?

 I have performed Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty for 25 years and yes, you can just 1 or more sections of the nose altered with Rhinoplasty but aesthetically speaking it's best to get the advice of an experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon.

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Rhinoplasty, Nose syrgery ,different options

 From your describtion, you have assymetrical nose, a small hump and a desire to have a better sculptured tip. All of your concerns could be addressed by an assessement being followed by a customized rhinoplasty performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. If you need more information you could consider posting your photos to get additional suggestions.

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Yes, every rhinoplasty is different and customized for each and every patient.  However, tip and alar work are common concerns for many people.

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All Nose To Be Addressed


Theoretically, the alas, the tip and the bridge could be addressed separately: one and not the other if this is what you mean.

Practically, if one aspect of the nose is addressed the entire nose will look unnatural and will look like a synthetic part of the face.

The reason is simply the mere fact that facial features should fit in a proportional manner otherwise dissatisfaction will be guaranteed.

Therefore, when alarplasty and tip-modification are required other nasal areas should be addressed as well to keep the nose within natural proportions.

That being said please remember that commendable results require an exceptionally skilled surgeon to perform the surgery and settling for anything less than that increases the chances of corrective surgeries dramatically.

I hope this helps.
Thank you for your inquiry.
The best of luck to you.


Dr. Sajjadian

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Alar reduction and possible rhinoplasty

A misconception is that when you reduce the alar region the tip will raise on it's own. This is what happens when you pinch the sides of your nostrils and look at the result and not necessarily what happens during surgery. All of the anatomy of the nose needs to be addressed to determine what needs to be done to have the proper aesthetic result in the end. With a thorough examination and consultation by a qualified surgeon will answer these questions. Best regards!

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