Revision Surgery for Uneven Eyes / Eyelids

I have uneven eyes, 1 smaller than the other. I did surgery b4 try to make it even but ended with double eyelid instead because I did not understand the surgery 10 yrs ago. Now I want to fix the lid on smaller eye so it would look a little big bigger like the big eye. I know it is impossible for the same size but at least look bigger and with a proper lid. The current lid is out of place. Would it possible to fix it again? Kindly advise, thank you.

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Revision eyelid surgery for uneven eyes/eyelids

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From your photo and given the fact that you have already had eyelid surgery in the past, I would be hesitant to perform another eyelid surgery on your eyelids.  Although you would need to be examined before making a definitive determination.   One could consider a left lateral canthoplasty to try to make the larger eye appear somewhat smaller and show less "white" of the lateral eye.  But, even with this procedure you may still have some asymmetry.  Consider all the issues/risks before proceeding with another surgery. 

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