Surgery Scar Removal? (photo)

I had knee surgery 2.5 years ago, but my scar is still so evident. It's flat, but I believe it is a keloid scar. It's not horrible, but it does make me insecure. Is there any simple fix to this? Drugstore products, or is surgery a must? It doesn't cause me physical pain, but it's physically troubling. Thank you for your help

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Knee scarring

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This is not a keloidal scar. The knee, shoulder, and other joints scar poorly because of the inherent tension on the wound placed by constant motion. If the scar is spread, it may be surgically revised. If you have not tried Cordran or other steroid tape, then it is certainly worth the try. In the summer, you may also want to apply Dermablend or other coverup makeup to the scar to make it less noticeable. For more detailed information with respect to revision, see a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation.

Treating scars on the legs

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Red and stretched out scars will do best with selective fractional co2 laser and pulsed dye laser.

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