Colon Surgery 20 Years After Tummy Tuck

20 yrs ago, I had tummy tuck, my stomach was nice & flat.. 5 months ago, I had a colon resection, vertical incision & now my stomach sticks out and when I lean back it gets all weird in shape! Could this be a hernia.. or are my stomach muscles separated?

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Muscle Separation

You appear to have had a great Tummy Tuck 20 years ago and it looks as good as it does because you obviously have exercised and kept weight off.  When the surgeons went in to do the colon surgery they went through an under the belly button (infraumbilical) incision and have divided the old muscle repair. You now appear to either have a hernia or a muscle separation along the midline.

I would consult with a good Plastic surgeon. This should be completely fixable through the same incision providing you are in good health and wish to have this repaired. The recovery would not be as prolonged as the original Tummy Tuck.

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