Can This Surgery Be Repaired and How Well? I Just Had It Done and He Scarred Me Up. (photo)

I am 119 pounds and had a tummy tuck because I had had 3 c-sections, my muscles were a little weak and I had a small pouch which I wanted to get rid of. The surgeon I went to cut me much more than he had said he would and to top it off he made a horrible belly button and placed it way off center! I am totally devastated since I didn't think he would cut me as much as he did and left huge ugly unnecessary scars on my stomach and beyond my bikini line. How can I have this fixed?

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Can This Surgery Be Repaired and How Well? I Just Had It Done and He Scarred Me Up.

Thanks for the posted photos. I'm so sorry for the possible result. At this time I would not recommend revision. Wait at least 6 months. The discussions with your chosen surgeon show you both were not on the same page as for details of the operation. But the mis aligned umbilicus is a surgical mistake. Seek in person second opinions. Was you surgeon a boarded American PS? 

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Repairing an Abdominoplasty?

From your photo, it does appear the the scar is longer and higher than expected from your pre-op photo. However, this could only be determined from seeing you inperson. At the present, there is little you can do until sufficient time has passed to determine what type of revision would be needed. Often this requires 6 months to a year. 

Make sure that you get several opinions before you proceed further as this can be a challenging procedure. 

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD
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Revising Tummy Tuck Options?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

Based on your pictures you are only weeks out of your tummy tuck operation. It will take many months and even up to a year for  swelling to resolve and for the skin to redrape.  At that point I think you will benefit from revision surgery,  especially of the umbilicus.  It may be helpful to decrease the size of the umbilicus, change its shape, and move it to the midline.

Unfortunately,  at this point there's not much to do but allow for time to pass.  Visit with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons when the time is right (closer to one year postop).

Best wishes.

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Tummy tuck revision

Sorry that you had to experience this. It appears that you probably will need revision surgery to correct the shape of your belly button. However you'll need to wait a few months before considering this. Depending on your recovery rate you should expect to wait at least six months to a year. Best of luck. 

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