What Surgery Will Remove These Left over Stretch Marks and Bellybutton Scars?

I had a tummy tuck two years ago and am not satisfied with the results. It is a major body image issue. I not only still have a huge amount of stretch marks above my pubic area but a very nasty scar. I also have some third spacing that still has not vanished. My stomach is now very flat and the skin is taut until the very bottom above my pubic area. CAn i get a second tummy tuck to just excise the the remaining stretch marks or will i benefit more from a laser procedure?

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Revision Abdominoplasty

With your concerns, all you need is to have someone experienced examine you. If you have enough loose supra-pubic skin to warrant excision it is quite possible to remove some residual, low lying stretch marks. If when you bend forward you can easily pinch the skin with the stretch marks together in a way to simulate surgery then you may be able to improve your situation. This is a big issue for you so have the situation evaluated.

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Revision can cure a poor tummy tuck scar

True, you cannot remove all stretch marks with tummy tuck if the marks were above the belly button, however if the scar is indeed wide and nasty a scar revision will often help the situation. Originally, the tummy is closed with some tightness to get rid of as much skin laxity as possible. This tension can cause the incision to widen and heal poorly. A year later, the skin will relax and soften and scar revision under these more favorable circumstances often yields a better results than the first time around. I find laser scar treatment on a mature scar of little benefit.

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Secondary tummy tuck

Photos would help. But I doubt you will be happy because there is NO WAY to remove all the stretch marks. Also the more tension on the incision will cause a wider scar. Please check where your realistic expectations are. From MIAMI Dr. B

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Tummy tuck Revision

It is very difficult to remove all stretch marks with a tummy tuck.  Most tummy tuck procedures will remove skin up to the level of the navel. Skin above that is typically untouched.  That skin is now at your pubic level.  Depending on the skin laxity that you may have now, it may be possible to remove more additional skin and thus stretch marks.  You will need to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon for this.  

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Revision tummy tuck

You really need a second opinion AFTER a physical examination. IT sounds as if you may benefit from a mini tummy tuck in which the excess skin is excised. However, it does not guarantee a fine line scar, nor does it guarantee elimination of all stretch marks. You must be realistic in your expectations and hopefully a plastic surgeon can delineate what is possible.

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Pictures Please. There may be solutions

A picture is paramount to give you any reasonable suggestions at this point.  Please make an effort to post pictures.  Most likely, the stretch marks you have now were stretch marks that wee above your belly button and there is not any real solution for this.  There several treatments for scars but it depends on the issue with the scar.

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