Can a Surgery Be Done on a Real Thick Skin Nose? (photo)

for the last 5 years i have always thought of a nose surgery but with the research that i have done it seems that nothing can be done to my bulbous nose. i just need real anwers...i dont need empathy please..than you

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Bulbous tip rhinoplasty

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Of course you can have a rhinoplasty. It just means the cartilage tip work is not as noticable as someone with thin skin plus you need more tip support. Which is not always a bad thing.

I use this analogy when I consult a patient with thick skin.

Your nose is like a chair, if you have thin skin it is like draping a thin sheet over it with all the shape of the chair obvious. With thick skin, it is like draping a thick rug over the chair. You need more support plus the outline of the chair is less obvious.

As long as you understand the limitations of the operation you won't be disappointed with the result.

Good luck.

Rhinoplasty for nose with very thick skin

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The rhinoplasty procedure can be on a nose with thick olive oily skin.  The tip cartilages can be refined and suture techniques in the tip will narrow the tip cartilages, thereby narrowing the entire bulbous tip.  Thick nasal skin tends to mask refinement results and limits how much narrowing and refinement can be achieved.  To help with this scenario, post-operative Blenderm taping and cortisone injections are necessary in this type of nose.

Rhinoplasty on Real Thick Skin Nose

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While thick skin can limit the improvement achieved with rhinoplasty surgery, the nose can always be reduced and improved with surgery. Special techniques are used in noses like yours. During the consultation an experienced surgeon will explain what can be done and establish reasonable expectations.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Thick Nasal Skin Will Limit Results

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The quality of the skin is an important factor in anticipating the results of a rhinoplasty.  From viewing your pictures, you have bulbous tip and thick skin.  During a rhinoplasty, the structural framework of your nose can be change to help narrow and define the tip.  This will create a narrower tip, but the thickess of the skin will limit the amount of change.  During your rhinoplasty consultation, it will be important for your to discuss with your surgeon what level of tip definition you can expect and ensure you have realistic expections.


I hope this helps!

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