Surgery to Raise Eyebrows on a Flat Frontal Bone? (photo)

Hello, I was born with mild Craniosynostosis, and my plastic surgeon has erased close to all of my birth defects. According to my surgeon, my brain did not push out my forehead (i think) so I am left with eyebrows that almost touch my eyelashes. I think I have a flat frontal bone. I had 2 risky surgeries to correct this when I was younger but my eyebrows receded back into their old position. I think the surgery would improve the slight bulging of my eyes as well. I've attached pictures.

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Underdevelopment of the lower forehead.

A technique I have had success with is to visualize  the forehead through a scalp incision.  The contour correction can be achieved with special bonding material to the low forhead.  The scalp can be elevated to help with the upper eyelid skin excess.  Also, an upper eye lid lift can be done.  I believe you can be improved.

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Browlift would help elevate eyebrows...

A coronal or hairline browlift would improve the position of the eyebrows. If you have a good hairline, a hairline browlift would be a great technique and would not lengthen the height of your forehead. Blood supply to the scalp needs to be considered if you have already had a coronal procedure if you were a child, but it should be okay.

This would not address the bulgy eyes, however. You would need orbital decompression to achieve this. Oculoplastic surgeons do this commonly to help patients with thyroid eye disease that also have bulgy eyes [exophthalmos].

You may want to consider a consultation with an ASOPRS trained Oculoplastics surgeon. I have posted the web reference below.

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Brow Lift and Upper Eyelid Surgery

  Brow lift and upper eyelid surgery may both help in your case.  As the other doctors suggested the suprabrow area can be built up as well.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Browlift can raise eyebrows on a flat frontal bone

A brow lift can be performed to elevate the entire forehead.  The incision is usually performed through a coronal approach, but will not help with the bulging of the eyes. The procedure will simply raise the eyebrows.

William Portuese, MD
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Surgery to Raise Eyebrows on a Flat Frontal Bone?

Minimally exposed photos are really no aid to answering the questions posed. In your case best to obtain in person evaluations from a crania facial plastic surgeon. 

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