Surgery on Platysma and Digastric Muscles to Improve Neck/chin Angle? (photo)

In the photo to the left is natural and photo to the right is how I would like my chin to neck angle to look. I had lipo over a year ago which did not improve my angle since my skin is very tight. I have a naturally low hyoid bone and believe my only option to improve my angle is to have my platysma and/or digastric muscles manipulated. I don't need a chin implant and believe this wouldn't help anyways. Any suggestions?

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Plicating or tightening the platysma muscles as well as the anterior bellies of the digastirc muscle can result in a more defined neck line especially if their is no signficant skin excess. This typically is done through a small incision below the chin line. If there is skin excess, you might need to have that addressed as well. This is especially helpful if the fat has been removed already, I hope this information helps.

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