Surgery on my Right Eye (Upper & Lowed Eyelid + Brow) to Improve Symmetry with Left Eye (MALE-19-CAUCASIAN)? (photo)

Hello, I want surgery on my right eye only, to improve symmetry as much possible. Brow, eyelid, & lower eyelid are what Id like improved. Scheduled to see oculoplastic surgeon Dr.Bolous (Montreal) about this. Can a "reverse" browlift lower the arch and make my brows more symmetrical? & Can a procedure can be done to improve symmetry for my upper eyelid? What about my lower lid? Please see all photos attached (Already had botox for just the brow but I'm looking for a surgical, permanent solution)

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Right Eyelid

Looking at your photos, you have a normal asymmetry on your brows and eyes. This is what makes us unique. In my past, I have not operated on a young man for this. Come back in 10 years and re evaluate. All the best

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