Is Surgery my Only Option for my Crinkled Skin ???!

Hi I'm 22 had my son just over 2 years ago,I'm 5ft 4" and weigh 7st 12lb. I got back to this weight just 4 after giving birth (without trying just kinda dropped off me) my son was 8lb which for me is a very big baby, I even got sent to the hospital at 37 weeks to decide if they were going to induce me early because of the size of my bump. Anyhow I have been left with a flat stomach but crinkled skin I also had split stomach muscles, Is surgery my only option???

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Tightening tummies

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requires surgery and accepting of the scars that come  with it.  If you have loose skin and want to rid yourself of it, surgery is required.  Your belly button is splayed out and wide and floating it down an inch would allow it to be reanchored to the tightened abdominal muscles and improve its look.  But you have to accept the scar of a tummy tuck and sometimes, they end up higher then what you want so make sure your surgeon understands your expectations before having surgery.

Redding Plastic Surgeon
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There is no good way to tighten skin nonsurgical.

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The modest loose skin will on the abdominal wall can only be dealt with adequately by an abdominoplasty. Don't waste your money on skin tightening technology.

Surgery is the only reliable way to correct wrinkled skin

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HI SammyL3.  At this time, there are no non-surgical ways to reliably correct wrinkled skin and laxity of the muscle and connective tissue in your abdominal wall.  The good news is that after looking at your pictures, I think you will have a great result.  I suggest you see a plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

Lewis Ladocsi, MD, FACS
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

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