I Got Surgery on my Forehead when I Was a Child and It Raised my Right Eyebrow. What to Do? (photo)

I am tired of having to cover up the right side of my face and worry about someone seeing my uneven eyebrows. I have always thought about surgery but was wondering if there is any other way to fix this problem.

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Easier to raise the left brow

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It is technically much more effective/feasible to raise and eyebrow surgically, than lower it. Thus your best surgical option would be to elevate the left brow to match the right side.

This can be achieved with a hairline browlift, which would simultaneously shorten the forehead on that side. The incision is made throught the hairline so as to hide the scar.

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There is some asymmetry is present in all faces. I would consider a combination of botox and eyebrow plucking to improve the symmetry here.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetrical Eyebrows

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Although some asymmetry is normal you can raise one brow or lower the other to improve a facial characteristic that does bother you. It is difficult to be certain with these pictures but it appears the left hairline is higher. Lifting that brow with a hairline incision and simultaneously lowering that hairline would be the easiest approach. This is a technique that we described many years ago. The right brow can be lowered and the hairline elevated but this probably would require expansion. You need to consult with a surgeon who can explain all of the alternatives and discuss your goals.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Surgery to make eyebrows symetrical

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The first thing to know is that everyone's face is slightly asymmetric.  The way to drop the position of the higher eyebrow is to perform botox above it to paralyze the forehead muscle above it.  The way to raise the position of the lower brow is to perform a browlift.  That can be done with small incisions behind the hairline.  A non-surgical way to raise the position of the lower brow is to perform a skin tightening procedure to the skin above the lower brow.  The skin tightening options in our office are a chemical or  laser peel, SkinTyte with the Sciton machine and recently also we've been happy with our Ultherapy (Ulthera) for this type of tightening.  Despite all this you may still have some residual asymmetry of the brows after treatment because I think there is some normal asymmetry in your eye and brow. 

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