Surgery Done on my Forehead Due to a Blood Clot From a Seizure and Results Gave Me Droopy Eyelid, Will Insurance Cover?

i had surgery done on my forehead due to a blood clot because of a seizure and left me with a droopy eyelid can i get eyelid surgery done to fix my eye with me being on Medicare because of my seizures I feel its not my fault for the consequences I have now

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Ptosis/blepharoplasty would only covered if your vision is impaired

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ptosis surgery would probably help, but without photos it is very hard to tell.  generally, for this type of surgery, you would need some sort of impairment of vision in my practice for me to perform this surgery under insurance coverage.  you may be able to get coverage for severe asymmetry from your previous medical incident.  an oculoplastic surgeon may also be able to help you and may be a better choice if the primary problem is ptosis, or drooping of your eyelid.



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