Can I Get a Surgery to Make It my Eyes Protrude Less? (photo)

I have chameleon eyes. I have always hated it and have recently considered changing them because it has been a detriment to me thus far in life.

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Chameleon eyes

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I've never heard the term "chameleon eyes". If you are concerned that your eyes bulge too much, first consider if it runs in your family. Does your biologic mother or father have eyes like yours? Second, do you have any thyroid issues? Proptosis is a condition seen with an over active thyroid that gives bulging eyes. You should see an opthalmologist to get this cheeked out. If you have proptosis, you might be a candidate for what is called an orbital decompression. It is a lot of surgery and should be done by somebody who does a lot of them. The Mass. Eye and Ear has such surgeons.

Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Surgery for Protruding Eyes

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It sounds like you've had this "problem" all your life. However, if you aren't sure about this, you should have any eye bulging that has developed or gotten worse evaluated by an ophthalmologist, as there are a number of medical conditions -- some serious -- that can cause this (you may hear it called "proptosis" or "exophthalmos"), including some thyroid disorders.

However, if you were born with this, changing this look (which I personally don't think seems like a detriment), would be quite difficult. It would either involve a fairly major operation involving removing a portion of the boney floor of your eye socket (called an "orbital decompression" operation) or filling in areas above and below your eye with "filler" material, of which I think your own fat would probably be the best option, since this has the potential to give a more permanent filler effect.

Both of these options are fraught with physical and cosmetic risks and I personally think the best option is to accept and perhaps even learn to love the uniqueness of your eyes.

Richard Parfitt, MD
Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon
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