Surgery to Correct Lopsided Breasts?

I'm 18 years old, and when my breasts first started to grow, I remember them being even. But in the last couple of years, only one has gotten fuller, rounder and lower, the flap is bigger and now they look really lopsided. I'm wondering, will they always look like this? Will they eventually even out, or is surgery the only way to correct this? Would health care cover some of the sugery cost if I decided to get surgery?

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Breast asymmetry

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Pretty much every women's breast have some asymmetry (size, shape, nipple position, etc).  Although the photo is dark, your breast volume difference does not appear to be due to a developmental or congenital problem.  Thus, it is unlikely insurance will cover correcting the volume disparity.  You can check with your insurance carrier to see if this would be a covered benefit, but at a minimum, they will likely require a letter and probably photographs from your plastic surgeon to see if they will cover you for this.

Tucson Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetry is common

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Your photo is dark so I can't really see a large difference in your breasts but it is very common. In fact, the larger breasts are there seems to be a higher liklihood of asymmetry. It is a rare insurance plan that would cover so-called minor differences but if a plastic surgeon felt there was a significant difference they might make the case to your insurance carrier but I wouldn't count on it. I hope this helps.

Dr Edwards

All breasts are uneven

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All breasts are uneven and judging from the picture, your uneveness is int the range of normal.

Your overall breast size is large and that is another matter.

It is unlikely that this will get better in time,and in fact, may be more marked.

Seek the consultation of a board certified plastic surgeon and ask their advice. Consider having a letter sent to your insurance carrier to see if this is a covered benefit.

Best of luck

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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