Surgery for Uneven Eye Folds? (photo)

my eyelid fold is alot shorter on my left eye then on my right eye. Is there surgery that i can get to make the fold come down more to hide more of my eyelid, like my right eye? I have read about some surgerys but I am worried about scaring. Is there any other way to correct this?

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Surgery for uneven eye folds

The eye folds on the upper and lower lids can be raised or lowered depending upon the patient’s desire.  It is easier to raise the fold than to lower one.  This is performed as an outpatient procedure and is known as a blepharoplasty.

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Uneven eyefolds

as shown in your photo suggests you may have mild ptosis on your left side.  You should see a surgeon well versed in eyelid surgery for an evaluation and surgical correction.  Regardless, perfectly symmetrical folds are going to be very elusive but an improvement where the folds are more even can certainly be achieved.  You will know you have ptosis if your lid starts to encroach on your pupil and your fold gets even wider on the left side.

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