What Can I Expect From Surgery for the Tip of the Nose?

My nose is straight and petite through the bridge but has a rather prominant tip which looks big compared to the rest of my features which are pretty small as well. I was considering getting the tip reshaped a bit but wanted to know what I would be getting into before venturing further. What am I looking at as far as price (I'm in the chicago area) and recover time? Also can it be done under local anesthesia? Anything else I should know?

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Tip rhinoplasty is sometimes all that is needed to fix the appearance of the nose.

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A tip rhinoplasty involves only the cartilages of the nasal tip.  It can be done with some sedation and local, but the surgeon is asking the patient to endure a few minutes of painful injections.  I can't speak for the cost in the Chicago area.  Vido imaging would be very useful in explaining what the surgeon thinks he can accomplish.

Nose surgery/ rhinoplasty/ tip rhinoplasty

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It is difficult to properly diagnose or give an expert opinion without a photograph or direct examination. I have an extremely large rhinoplasty practice and from experience it sounds like you need some simple modifications on your tip. Depending on your choice of surgeon and exact needs this would be done under either an open or closed approach. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia with IV sedation and should be done in a fully accredited operating facility. You will have some tape and a splint typically on your nose for five days and you should be on your road to recovery after that. I would suggest making sure you go to a good qualified rhinoplasty expert and that you see many before and after photographs. I typically have recheck patients coming in every day in different phases of rhinoplasty recovery so I like to have my post surgical patients meet with my consulting patients and discuss their experience. I also use a digital imaging computer which allows the surgeon in the consulting phase to show the patient the proposed surgical result. As far as costs go this truly depends on your exact surgical needs and will be discussed in your consultation. Best regards!

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Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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